Professional System - vStudio

  • Instant create and manipulate a unique virtual in real time!
  • Virtual studio production means a lot more than just mixing and switching videos.
  • Gain full control over production.
  • The world first Hybrid Camera Tracking System.


  • Instant create and manipulate in real time!

  • The instant real time tools of VS1000 make immediate creation of action of  cameras, actors, and objects instantly without 3D max or Maya. Just recreate and relocate in your virtual set objects, make all virtual camera tracks as you want, and do immediate action for shooting.  Everything is real time no  loading  necessary for your change. The unlimited camera perspectives in Darim’s Virtual Studio™ give the imagination free rein.

  • Experience 2D and 3D virtual studio production with VS1000.

  • It offers ease-of-use studio production functionalities with the broadcasting capabilities. Specifically designed for simple  to complex studio production with great flexibility.  Perfect for multilayer 2D and full real time 3D virtual set productions not requiring authoring tools. Conveniently designed for small scale studios with limited staffs yet fits program production needs.

  • Intuitive GUI for live production

    •  Changes 2D and 3D background components: desk, wall, texture, floor, fence, frames, etc.

    •  Real-time video switching with easy GUI

    •  Dynamically controls camera angles and tracking

    •  Adjusts actor and virtual monitors

    •  Supports multiple chroma-keys

  • VS1000 is a newly designed studio production system based on a new concept. Customers who have limited experience in using virtual studio production systems will be benefited from ease-of-use interfaces. Unlike competitors’, the use of system for production is not bounded by such simple interfaces though. Instead, by showing the company’s proprietary technologies and features through its friendly interfaces, users will have flexibility over production when working with 2D and 3D sets.

  • Spend more time on creating ideas now. Our goal is to let your ideas go wild virtually through our smart production systems.   


  • The world first Full Automated Hybrid Tracking Turn Key solution supporting both Track Sensor less and with Sensor system.

  • VS2000 make real time Camera interactive movement in any live shooting!  Predefined or Joystick control action make your studio live!  All the set change, track movement can be instant with the highest quality. Supports any virtual world creation from 3D max and realize it at your any size of Space of Studio.  VS2000 is not  only a easy creation of studios, but create of Virtual world and actions without limitations.

  • VS2000 series is great for virtual set and live broadcasting using analog or digital cameras, SD or HD.  It is ideal for creative studios where benefits of multiple camera support can be realized in sophisticated virtual set designs.


VS2000 Key Features:

  • All-in-one turn-key virtual studio solution including video and graphics control hardware, software and virtual set design samples

  • Live broadcasting using Realtime Graphic Rendering

  • Single-person operation with all in one Features

  • Multiple live video input (mostly 4 and 6) with switcher, TBC, and Frame Synchronizer

  • Built-in advanced mult-channel high performance chroma keyer

  • Real time 3D graphics rendering and built-in video mixer

  • User-friendly authoring tools for creating any Virtual World

  • Sensorless Tracking control with standard camera without additional Tracking devices

  • Sensored Tracking with variouse tracking heads supported

  • 3D Studio Max and Maya export for real-time rendering

  • 3D background elements (images, movies, animations) changed easily

  • Ready to use predesigned Virtual Sets are provided.


Available Options:

  • External computer input (Analog or DVI)

  • Transportable model (with built-in monitors, carrying case, integrated I/O panel)


MBC Korea have been using Full 3D real time vStudio for their daily HD weather broadcasting. Everyday at 9:00 AM in the main news program you can watch the weather news created with Darim's vStudio. Two live HD cameras for live actor with real time chromakey built-in VS2000 and one weather server HD video are fed into the machine. All realtime 3D graphics is shown interactively. The perfect quality of chromakey and reach functionality of VS2000 fully meet the MBC requirements for the daily national broadcasting.